Efas A4 Premium paper

Looking at the market for needs of our customers and our needs, we have met with various paper products. Not one copy machine entirely satisfied our standards and the quality/ cost rate. To solving this problem our management approached with a great deal of responsibility and on a great satisfaction for our clients and for us, and not saving money, time or resources, we made a photocopier paper under the brand Efas A4 Premium paper.

A product that stands side by side with most quality photocopier papers A class by his quality, and whom, with regards to a cost, we made available for clients who buy lower class of paper because they can’t respond to high prices of A class and they wish to have quality product that thay can adjust to high demands of their clients and to they budget.

Top Quality A4 Paper

Quality, trust and persistence of our cooperation have contributed to win a large number of worlds byers. We established firm relationship between us and our costumers thanks too our quality and their trust. The best commercial we have is our customers satisfaction. Current sales trend clearly shows that we are on a right path to a leading position in paper distributio