Efas Paper that matches needs, requests and budgets of our clients. It has great quality, superior performances and ecological convenience. Efas Paper is specialy adjusted to black/white print, color print on photocopiers, lasers and digital printers. The structure of paper guarantees better color contrast and higher intensity.

Efas Paper is produced on EU territory, in a French factory that with its standards and certificates guarantees high quality, perfect whiteness, thickness and opacity. Fibre is the most important, and high content of fibre significantly reduces congestion of paper in machines. Smooth surface allows original transfer of toner, clear and sharp copy. Degree of smoothness affects the movement of paper through machine.

Efas Paper will extend the life time of your machines and will drastically reduce dust during printing in copying. Thankst to exelent formation, smoothness, density and quality. Dust is the key of a good formulation but bad formation has uneven surface with thick and thin stains which is the characteristic of other photocopier papers. Durability and velocity are tested on our machines, and a great number of satisfied costumers confirm the excellent quality.

Efas Paper can be used double-sided, and among others, its excellent for storing documents. Length of light is a factor which determinates how fast paper fades or changes color when exposed to light, the longer the line, the paper will longer keep the color.

Efas Paper is a revolutionary model and thanks to its features he is recogniseble and acceptable at every market.